tex-mex monday: tacos in pasta shells.

Recently, I made Spinach-Stuffed Shells in Meat Sauce for some dinner guests of ours.  I found myself with a good number of leftover pasta shells, so I was inspired to cook and stuff them with different ingredients to make a Mexican meal.  A cuisine change-up!  I actually saved this recipe for Tacos in Pasta Shells over two years ago, but hadn’t ever tried it out.  Perfect!

Sidetrack: I am of the opinion that any food that is stuffed, wrapped, or mini means it is awesome and will likely be a huge hit.  Seriously, you hear any of these buzzwords, and you automatically think PARTY!  Even if it’s just a weekday night dinner like this.  :)

The main note I wanted to share about this recipe is that I actually made my own taco sauce.  I didn’t trust the store-bought kind–actually, okay, I forgot to buy it–so this is what I did: In a pot over the stove, I mixed together some tomato paste, water, chilis in adobo sauce, cayenne pepper, and hot sauce (just a little bit).  It worked very well!  Why is tomato paste so awesome?  It truly is a meal-rescuer… a cooking Superman, you could say!

I also loved this meal, because I could easily make a ton of shells while I was at it… and then refrigerate them for later use.  Nothing like repeating something wonderful!




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