happy hour at la sandia!

Going along with the Mexican theme, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite non-Arlington and non-DC happy hour spots… La Sandia in Tysons Corner! I can’t believe I haven’t written about this before!

Tangent: Because I love where I live, I naturally get more excited about restaurants that are close to me — in Arlington or DC.  However, these are my Northern VA area exceptions, off the top of my head:

  1. Reston Town Center.  I love what is going on here.  It used to be a sketchy area in high school, where the goth kids would hang out and smoke cigarettes.  Now, there are some ritzy places! We had Pitango cater the gelato at our wedding reception.  I’ve written about Mon Ami Gabi, and mentioned PassionFish a couple of times.  There is a great wine bar called The Tasting Room, and I am always excited to see a Vapiano!  Way to go, Reston!
  2. Four Sisters in Falls Church.  You may sit at a lot of lights on 29 to get there, but it’s worth it!
  3. Matsu Sushi in Centreville,  A hole in the wall sushi place that I always go to with my friend Mary Virginia.  It’s delicious, and no matter how much we order, the bill is always cheaper than we expect!
  4. Happy Hour at The Melting Pot (locations in Reston and elsewhere).  I feel funny mentioning this, because in high school, The Melting Pot was definitely a one of those places that was a “treat” to go to.  Kids around here would go for their birthdays (parents paid, of course!), for pre-prom dinners, or for their anniversary with their steady boyfriend or girlfriend.  It’s still snazzy and expensive–even now as a yo-pro–however, their happy hour is a GREAT deal.  Half off of fondue and wine!  Thanks, Kimberly, for introducing me to this!
  5. Happy Hour at La Sandia in Tysons Corner.  See below.

Okay, that was a serious tangent.  The point is that I don’t mind too much about driving through construction traffic and rush hour traffic to get to Tysons Corner, because La Sandia is great!  Even the happy hour itself continues to improve.  It used to be that happy hour was from 4-7pm… now it goes until 9pm!

All of these items (taco, quesadillita, barbacoa slider) are $3 each!  It’s true that they are small, but obviously the price is great.

Personally, I find it essential to get the bottomless guacamole (made fresh that morning) along with a frozen lime margarita with salt — the happy hour marg is $6, and very quality!

Cheers! :)

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