the washingtonian’s new top 100 restaurant list!

Happy 2012!  The new Top 100 Restaurant List came out from Washingtonian Magazine last week, and boy do Chris & I have a lot of work to do!  Going to all 100 restaurants is really an elusive goal.  I hope we do actually achieve it at some point… but if and when we do, it will be a temporary victory with the constant yearly changes!  This year, there were 27 replacements.  Unfortunately, it seemed like a lot of the ones we went to in 2011 are now off the list!  We lost Acacia, Café Atlántico (well, more because it’s temporarily closed), Sou’wester, and Zentan.  Additionally, Chris has been to Eventide several times, and we still have an unused Groupon for Againn — both of which are now off the list.  Oh well!  It’s all about what we enjoy, right?  The restaurant I was most sad to see gone was Zentan.  I really enjoyed my sushi experience there!

Another unfortunate change this year is that only the top 10 restaurants are ranked (instead of top 40).  As Chris put it, you could be dining at a #11 or #100 restaurant and not know it!  But moving on to the positive: There are some exciting additions!  First of all, I want to read up on Fiola, a new addition that appeared on the list at an impressive #8!  Also, I have heard great things about Ray’s To The Third (Chris has somehow managed to eat there twice without me!) and Pearl Dive Oyster Place.  Lyon Hall and Mala Tang are some great Arlington places that are now getting well-deserved recognition.  (We actually had Mala Tang cater a lunch at the office recently. I wish I’d thought to take some pictures!).  Finally, way to go, Graffiato!  Mike Isabella’s new restaurant that hasn’t even been open the whole year made it on the list!  We checked out Graffiato awhile back, but it’s still sitting in the queue of entries I have yet to blog about.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s happening in restaurant world around here.  I definitely recommend reading the full article.  There is a section about food trends, a page about new restaurants coming this year (including another from Mike Isabella!), and lots of other fun stuff.  This is the great thing about living in the DC metro area: Incredible dining, and an array of fun food choices that are constantly changing!  By the way, Restaurant Week is next week, so this new list is great timing!

The Washingtonian hasn’t published their new list online yet, but you can check it out on my blog here — along with Chris & I’s updated progress.  :)

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