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Thank you, LivingSocial, for running a 50% off deal at Kushi last year — and then again earlier this month!  We just used our first deal, and now are very excited to have until 2013 to use our next one! I’m not sure why an awesome restaurant like Kushi is putting out coupons so close together, but we certainly won’t complain….

Kushi is an authentic Japanese izakaya and sushi restaurant located at Mount Vernon Square.  You can choose your seat at the robota grill, sushi bar, regular bar, or in the dining room.  Their menu offers glamorous options, like the lobster deconstruction for two, or the grilled pork belly (apparently a crowd-favorite).  We didn’t try either of these, but we did have quite an incredible meal!  Since many of the ingredients at Kushi arrive straight from Japan, Chris & I very much felt culturally transported.  Well in all honesty, I’ve never been to Japan, but Chris has spent time there for work (why didn’t I know him then?), and he couldn’t stop talking about how much Kushi reminded him of his trip!
Chris really enjoyed the duck, of course.  I would say that the other major standout was all of the Nigri sushi that we ordered.  I never would have thought to order this if Chris hadn’t raved about it from Japan.  As you can see from our two orders in the photos, we thought it was amazing!
…and isn’t that plate pretty?

I will say that the sea salt gelato was a bit of a disappointment to me, personally.  I love sea salt, and I love gelato, but the combination was a bit strange.  I actually thought it just tasted like vanilla bean ice cream!  Maybe objectively, it’s really well made… I’d give it another go, because I want to like it so much.  :)

Not pictured are: the asparagus & bacon charcoal-grilled skewers (kushiyaki), and the day boat sea scallops in butter with yuzokosho sauce from the robota (wood) grill.  We started with these two orders, and they were a great way to begin!  In particular, the scallops absolutely melted with flavor in our tongues.

Kushi is everything that is hot right now.  Small plates, rustically modern aura, authentic cuisine with a modern twist, local and native ingredients… these are the things that are making restaurants awesome nowadays.  I love it all, and can’t wait to return for another great Kushi experience!

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