tex-mex monday: guajillo.

I was so excited to check out Guajillo recently, because I had yet to find a Mexican place in our neighborhood that I was excited about. I love Rosa Mexicano, Alero, La Sandia, and Cactus Cantina, but none of these places are super convenient to where we live. Guajillo is so convenient that I could literally walk home from work and stop in for a margarita on my way!

Still, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Yelp reviews were the most polarized reviews I’ve ever seen. Some loved the place, while others said they’d never go back. Most said the margaritas were sneakily strong, so that was the main thing I took away from reading ahead.

Chris & I tried out Guajillo after work one night, and were the first people in for dinner around 5:45pm. By the end, the place had filled up a lot more. Chris ordered a regular lime margarita on the rocks, while I tried out a strawberry and lime swirl… the option reminded me of the sangria swirl margarita I always order at Cactus Cantina. I like the latter better, but Guajillo doesn’t mess around. Both of our drinks were pretty strong, but were quality and tasty too.


As for food, Chris tried out the steak fajitas, while I selected a veggie chimichanga — which turned out to look like more of a burrito, but that’s okay! I still sometimes get confused about the differences between chimichangas, taquitos, burritos, etc. All of the chimichangas I’ve had in the past have been fried and smothered in cheese though.



Chris & I agreed that our dishes were a little bland, but we still enjoyed them. The guacamole on the side of my meal was pretty good, so maybe next time we’ll order some to liven up our food. The other downside was that they didn’t have any queso, something I was counting on for my pre-meal chips! All in all, Guajillo was a good experience though. Our waiter was great, the atmosphere was fun (especially once more people came and added some energy to the place), and the location just couldn’t be better. I don’t think Guajillo makes my “Top Mexican” list, but I’m sure we’ll be back… at least for a margarita. :)

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