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My dear friend Kathryn drove up from Richmond a few weeks ago to have lunch with our third old roommate, Mary Virginia, and I.  It was a delightful college roommate reunion!  Kathryn’s one request was that we pick a restaurant that was (1) not a chain, and (2) cheap.  After much deliberation, and an email exchange in which I listed at least 10 different choices, we decided on The Counter in Reston Town Center.

The discussion made me wonder: What exactly is a chain these days?  Technically, The Counter has around thirty different locations, so what does that make it?  For the purposes of our lunch, however, The Counter in Reston is the only location in Virginia (most of them are in California), so I thought that fact made it pretty hip and unique.

The cool thing about The Counter is that you can build your own burger, which can be quite the challenge when you’re starving!  (We met for a really late lunch.)  My trick for these sorts of experiences is to pick a theme and stick with it–like Mediterranean, for example.  As you can see from my menu, I tried to pick all of the Mediterranean ingredients I could find.  Kathryn ended up going the same route!

Mary Virginia took her burger creation in a different direction, and it came out looking like quite a production as well.  Check out those onions!

We also started with a basic order of fries, which were thinly sliced and very nicely seasoned.  The Counter offers a variety of options when it comes to fries: Parmesan, sweet potato, and cheese fries being among the choices.  We found that the regular fries were pretty unique in and of themselves with the almost spicy seasoning.

The three of us had a great reunion at The Counter, and I am constantly impressed with how Reston Town Center continues to grow.  I’ll definitely be back!

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