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For months, Chris has been planning a surprise trip to celebrate our one-year anniversary. This past weekend, I finally got to find out what it was! He picked me up from work on Friday, and we headed for I-66 West. Chris informed me that we were stopping for dinner along the way, so our first stop was not going to be our final destination for the weekend. We drove through the Centreville area, and all of a sudden, we were in the quaint town of Clifton.

Even though I grew up in Reston, I don’t think I’d ever been to Clifton before. It reminded me of downtown Leesburg, with all of its antique and historic charm. We wound around the corner of the two-lane road, saw some railroad tracks, then drove immediately into the parking lot of what looked to be a fabulous restaurant: Trummer’s On Main. Chris informed me it was one of Washingtonian‘s” Top 100 Restaurants,” and I got so excited!

20120320-225536.jpg Inside the entrance was a dim bar area, with a few chatty people enjoying an early after-work drink. The hostess, upon hearing our names, promptly wished us a “happy anniversary” and escorted us up a small flight of stairs into an expansive dining room. The room was gorgeous and airy, with wall-to-wall windows, and a huge propeller-like fan. I immediately thought it would make a lovely venue for a small wedding, and as a matter of fact, we saw a family working to plan one with a staff member later on.


We were seated a few steps higher up, looking over the vast room in an area with a table just for us. It was a treat, even though we felt a little on-display at first! The waiter was attentive and helpful the whole time, and the manager stopped by for a few brief and light-hearted conversations. We heard the trains blast through the town, and watched the sun set as we ate. It was lovely!

But now on to the food: Chris had done some reading ahead of time, and informed me that Trummer’s had great cocktails. I ordered The Titanic, which is their signature drink. It includes a mixture of grape vodka, Prosecco, an actual grape (the ship), and sorbet (the ice)… very artistic and delicious! Chris ordered The BNC, which is essentially a fancy bourbon & coke.


We started off with the Fried Scallop, an appetizer which also included oysters, spinach, caramelized onions, and vermouth.


Our main dishes were absolutely spectacular. I ordered the Atlantic Salmon, adorned with melted leek fondue, black trumpet mushrooms, and a chipotle manchego froth. I could not get enough of this dish. The salmon was thick, but also crunchy at the top with the chipotle manchego crust. The leeks and mushrooms complimented the dish well, and I found myself trying to scoop all of the elements together in every bite.


Chris picked the Oven Roasted & Honey Glazed Pork Shoulder, including plum wine pineapple, bay leaf crumble, and sweet potatoes. Chris loved the pineapple addition, and the bay leaf crumble really made the dish for him. The sweet potato cakes were also great – both in display and taste! It really worked together well.

20120320-225629.jpg 20120320-225651.jpg

It was fun that the staff made such a big deal of our anniversary. It was quite an occasion for us of course, and so it very fun to be celebrated in this way. Thank you, Trummer’s, for a lovely dinner experience to start off our wonderful weekend!  More on that to come next…



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