bagel with prosciutto, tomato, & gruyere.

I know this has turned out to be a sparse month for blog posts, but I am determined to get back on track with updates! My list of “Recipes and Restaurants for Blogging” is ever-growing, and it’s about to get even longer as Chris & I are currently on a bus to New York City! I’m trying to get a full post out with the WordPress app here on the bus. We’ll see how it turns out.

I haven’t been writing probably for two reasons besides general life busyness: 1.) Chris & I have been trying to train for a half-marathon on June 3rd, and 2.) I was recently promoted at work! I’m actually working both my old and new job at the moment, but though it’s been a bit crazy, I am very excited.

I say all this to justify my absence from blogging, but also to lead into the recipe I want to share. I’m sure you are busy like me and often overwhelmed with how to fit a cool meal into a hectic schedule. This recipe by Real Simple for bagels with prosciutto, tomato, and gruyere is a great solution. I can’t believe I haven’t written about it earlier, as it’s been a staple in my recipe rotation for at least the past year.

All you have to do is allow time for some vegetable chopping. Get the broiler going while you’re doing this, assemble, then simply broil it all for 2 to 4 minutes. As always, there is room for adjustments: I have been using Gouda as the cheese recently, and sometimes replace the tomatoes with chopped peppers. I even swapped in sautéed portabella mushrooms for the main attraction when my vegetarian friend came over.


The beauty and brevity of this recipe comes from broiling. After you start making it a few times, you’ll find yourself keeping close tabs on the bagels to get that perfect level of crispness to the edges and slight melt to the cheese.

I also love how these bagels can fit into any meal or occasion. They have been an on-the-go breakfast for us, a Saturday lunch, or a dinner entree, with green veggies on the side. Recently, I cut the sandwiches up into smaller pieces and served them as appetizers at a little wine party I hosted.



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