happy anniversary, eleventh floor view!

This post is a little late, but I created eleventh floor view around Memorial Day last year! More specifically, my very first post was on May 26, 2011. Since then, I have posted 115 entries about my cooking and restaurant experiences. It continues to be so fun for me just to simply document the adventures I have, and I hope it’s been interesting and helpful for others out there as well.

 Just to recap, here are some lists to sum up the first year for eleventh floor view:

Most Popular Eleventh Floor Kitchen Entries

  1. scotch eggs.
  2. mexican monday: tacos in pasta shells.
  3. spinach & artichoke quiche.
  4. chicken florentine casserole.
  5. jalapeño pesto.

Most Popular Restaurant Entries

  1. our july girl’s night at screwtop.
  2. top 100: dinner at the ashby inn.
  3. pizzeria paradiso.
  4. america eats tavern!
  5. hank’s oyster bar in old town.

# of Top 100 Washingtonian Restaurants Visited So Far: 21

Mentions From The Outside

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Thanks for reading, everyone!


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