la promenade des anglais: brunch in nyc.

After a half-hearted attempt to get “rush” tickets to the musical Once (we really needed to show up five hours early to have a chance!), Chris & I headed to Chelsea for brunch. We had noticed from our good friend Scoutmob that a place called La Promenade des Anglais was running a 50% off deal… and after a quick look at the menu, we could tell they served good brunch. We showed up at the restaurant around 10:45am on the Saturday of our trip, and the place was still setting up to open. Luckily, an entrance to The High Line happened to be right across the street. Perfect!

Before our trip, we had asked four different friends/family members for NYC recommendations and all four had said separately that we needed to go to The High Line. For those of you who don’t know, The High Line is a completely elevated park built on old train tracks. It’s beautifully kept and sprinkled with contemporary art throughout–not to mention the New York graffiti and urban views that fill the background. Since it’s such a narrow park, it was a little crowded to walk through, but Chris & I thoroughly enjoyed checking it out.

But on to brunch. It doesn’t get much better than a having great deal, quality service, and a swanky atmosphere. The stage was set for a fun time, and we definitely enjoyed ourselves at La Promenade! Our waitress was very sweet and had a genuine French accent. We ordered mimosas right away and settled into plush blue booths. The environment was decorated like the ocean. I’m not talking about the charming, tacky beach house vibe you get from endearing summer condos. Eating at La Promenade was more like going to a classy, laid-back party in the sea. You’re hanging out in dark wooden booths adorned with sand-colored placemats and Mediterranean blue everywhere.

I ordered the Poached Eggs “Riviera Style,” containing oven dried prosciutto, crispy panisse, peperonata. The eggs came with potatoes and greens on the side. The perfect touch!

Chris had a meal which he still talks about frequently. It was that good. He ate fun twist on Croque Monsieur, with a sunny egg on the side and violette mustard.

I had never had Croque Monsieur before, but Chris, who has been to France, knew the dish well. He was a little skeptical of the creative rendition at first, but as soon as he took his first bite, he was hooked. I tried a little bit too and was pretty impressed. Basically, the classic insides of Croque Monsieur (hot ham and cheese) were slightly blended and melded together. Each bite was seamless, with equal and smooth quantities of both key ingredients!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at La Promenade des Anglais. It’s too bad the place wasn’t more full, but I hope we were more just eating on the early side for the city that never sleeps. This brunch was definitely a great way to start a Saturday!

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