happy summer 2012: favorite things.

With triple-digit heat lately, there is no denying that summer is here! Here are a few of my favorite things this summer…

  1. Paninis. I bought a loaf of ciabatta recently and made some pretty intense paninis on our George Foreman! This one has prosciutto, cheddar, garlic, asparagus, red onions, and red peppers. The veggies were all grilled on the Foreman too.
  2. Balcony dining. The other night, it was perfect outside and we went all out with Italian food! Thanks to Screwtop wine bar, Trader Joe’s, The Italian Store, and the country of Italy (wine from our honeymoon!) for making this meal happen.
  3. Rooftop dining. We loved the rooftop bar (pictured), Rare View, at our hotel in NYC. We also finally checked out Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill nearby, which was pretty fun. Here is a link for some rooftop inspiration: Restaurants with Great Rooftops in Washington. Three are in Arlington!

  4. Summer events. I went to the best event ever recently. My favorite wine bar, Screwtop, teamed up with my favorite food truck, The Lobster Truck, for an amazing time!
  5. Key Bridge Walks. I’ve found myself walking from my office in Rosslyn over to Georgetown frequently lately, and I love it.
  6. Truffle Salt. Every time I eat the truffle popcorn at Screwtop, I tell myself that I need to buy some truffle salt. Those who know me well know that I pop popcorn kernels in my micorwave cooker for a snack almost every night, finishing it all off with some sea salt and olive oil. Switching in truffle salt has been an amazing decision! I ordered this Fusion Black Truffle Sea Salt recently from Amazon, which I highly recommend!
  7. The My Fitness Pal iPhone app. After all, it is summer! I have just been loving the My Fitness Pal app/website combo. It has quite the food database and from an app construction standpoint, it’s pretty impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an iPhone app with the average of 110,639 ratings being five full stars! Even Words With Friends is only a four-and-a-half average.

Happy summer!

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