the list in my bucket.

This blog is all about learning experiences… so what do I want to learn and explore? Here is a list to start:

  1. Cure a fish.
  2. Cook a whole animal.
  3. Cook only Greek food for a month.
  4. Find a Chardonnay that I enjoy.
  5. Find a beer that I actually like.
  6. Cook a meal highlighting duck.
  7. Make pizza dough.
  8. Review making spanikopita with my mom.
  9. Master more slow cooker recipes.
  10. Master using an outside grill.
  11. Own (or at least use) a wood-fired brick oven.
  12. Make hummus.
  13. Make pita bread.
  14. Get some knife skills!
  15. Catch a fish, then cook it.
  16. Make tzatziki sauce.
  17. Bake a tiered cake.
  18. Invent a cocktail.
  19. Plant an herb garden.  (Or at least keep one herb plant alive!)
  20. Find some great brunch spots.
  21. GO to Greece! (Athens, Crete, Santorini)
If you have any suggestions of things to add to the list, let me know.  :)



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